About Me


Welcome! I’m Sarah,

founder of The Cosy Homebird, a blog based in the North East of England.

I’m a mum of an almost-terrible-two year old boy and a baby girl, a wife of 4 years and I’m somewhere in my 20’s. 

I started this blog shortly after coming off maternity leave as something I wanted to do for me that wasn’t just working as a beauty therapist or being mum.

I’m quite a creative person, but I used to miss out on lots of things I wanted to do when I worked full time. Since going on maternity leave, I had more time for baking for my family, preparing for birthday parties, Christmas etc, and all sorts of other creative things! Plus, I now have a child to do it all for! 

Family time is really important to me, and I knew that by making this blog, I was able to do something for myself, as well as involving my little boy in the practical side such as baking and other fun activities, and we have been able to share useful ideas with other people, which is a bonus!

What you’ll find on The Cosy Homebird

  • Family Meal & Baking Recipes
  • Cake Decorating Tutorials
  • Guest Hosting
  • Days out
  • Breaks Away
  • Seasonal Holiday Ideas
  • Home decor
  • And lots more!

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my blog, if you’d like to contact me, visit my Contact page by clicking here

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