How I decorated my toddler boy’s bedroom by only buying 3 items during lockdown!


Lion King themed bedroom for my toddler boy, with dove grey walls, an accent of teal and a hint of Simba. 

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Well this is not your typical Toddler Boy’s Bedroom post! 

Why? Because none of what we originally planned for my boys room actually happened, as the UK was locked down when we started due to the Coronavirus, and I had just come out of hospital and was put on modified bedrest due to threatened labour at 22 weeks pregnant with my second.

Thinking back now, I can’t actually really remember what we did have planned for this room, most likely because I like it even more than I planned! I do remember that there was to be a Lion King theme, but that’s about it.

The paint I used for my Toddler Boy’s Bedroom

So with baby 2 on the way, and most likely a lot sooner than expected, we had to just get on with the decorating with whatever we had. (I say we, I obviously mean my husband, as I was on bed rest.) We’d recently decorated our living room with Dulux – Egyptian Cotton, Matt, and we had enough left to do this room, so that was the colour decided for us. It’s a sort of dove grey/taupe, a neutral colour, so fine for this. After all, just freshening up from the old paint that was underneath made it looked ten times better regardless of how much we actually liked the colour. 

My husband came across another tin in our outhouse which was a feature wall tin of Dulux – Urban Obsession, Matt. Again, this was leftover from another room, more specifically my own bedroom, and I love this colour! We didn’t have enough to do a full wall, but my husband decided to paint the small wall around the outside of the built in cupboard, just for a bit of a feature. I don’t think it looks too bad myself!

What we already had & reused in my Toddler Boy’s Bedroom

I am a beauty therapist, and this was my beauty treatment room before turning it into my boys bedroom. My beauty room colour scheme was teal and grey, so that made it quite easy to reuse some things, as the colours were appropriate for our boy. I managed to reuse:

  • Teal Curtains
  • Silver/Grey Chest of Drawers
  • 3 A4 Photo Frames
  • Set of 3 Black Shelves
  • Simba Throw
  • Teal Throw
  • Teal Lampshade
  • Books
  • Toy Dinosaurs
  • Name Sign
  • Grey Ottoman
  • Teal Rug
  • Large Basket
  • Teddies

As you can expect, all the teal items listed above were of course kept from my treatment room, and used again for the boy. The same applies for the shelves and chest of drawers. I probably don’t need to explain that I didn’t have a simba throw, toy dinosaurs or stuffed teddies for my clients to enjoy, but it has now been mentioned just in case anybody was unclear…

So we furnished and made decor out of what we already had. A few toy dinosaurs on shelves for wall decor, grey ottoman to store his toys, and teal curtains for…well, curtains. The lion king pictures I drew myself with some colouring pencils of my sons, and framed them in some old frames that used to be in my living room.

It’s amazing how much ordinary toys, books and teddies can really decorate a room with colour, if you simply display them in the right way!

What I bought new for my Toddler Boy’s Bedroom

    • Set of 2 White Book Shelves
    • Single Bed
    • Lion King Bedding

Our final contribution to saving the planet by upcycling an old mop…

We originally planned to get a new wardrobe for the boy, until my husband’s creative side came out (or was it the ‘tight Yorkshireman’ side? Who knows!). We already have a built in cupboard but it isn’t deep enough to be a wardrobe usually, or at least not for adult clothes! Then we remembered that his clothes are tiny! Baby and kids clothes hangers fit in there perfectly, so why waste money on a wardrobe when you can make one out of what you already have? My husband cut up some bits of MDF to make some shelves, and cleaned and polished up an old mop handle to make a rail! 

It just goes to show, that when you have to, you really can make the most out of what you’ve got. I’ve unintentionally saved myself a fortune by reusing so many things, when in ordinary times, I would have bought new things. I’m not saying I will never upgrade my home by buying new things, of course I will… but this has certainly been a lesson learned for the future. I will definitely think about how much I need things before I buy them, and will look at reusing things before I chuck them away. 

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