How to make an Autumn Candle Holder


Bring Autumn into the home with this homemade candle holder with up-cycled jars and scattered artificial autumn leaves for the cosy effect.  

Autumn fall candle decor tea light

In my opinion, Autumn is by far the most beautiful time of the year. The air is fresh, the leaves are crisp and the colours of orange and red are just a stunning sight. I love it so much that I even had an October wedding so that my wedding photos could be taken on the fallen leaves! 

Another great thing about Autumn, is that as soon as it starts, there is so much to look forward to, and everybody needs that. We have Halloween, bonfire night, the huge build up to Christmas, followed by new year celebrations! I find that from September onwards, the world seems a much happier place, or at least it should be.

Autumn Decor

This is the first year that I have decided to add some Autumn decoration to my home. I got my living room diner decorated early this year, and the autumnal colours go beautifully, so it would be rude not to! I wasn’t too sure of where to start, I haven’t really seen much in the shops over the years, other than Halloween decorations, which isn’t really what I’m after…well, not at the moment anyway. In the end, I thought I’d give it a go at making some of my own! 

I already had a plain candle tray that was bought from Lidl a long time ago, and I had a look online for some artificial leaves. The jars I used are actually old salsa dip jars from Tesco that I kept to one side, they’re only 80p each! These jars are ideal to be used as candle holders, as they don’t curve inwards at the top like other ones, and they are short too. I’ve used tealight candles for this, but if you want to try making your own Autumn candles, don’t bother sticking the jars down to the tray, and follow my social media pages for updates on when my upcoming blog post, ‘Autumn Spice Candle Making Tutorial’ goes live.

Here’s how I made my Autumn Candle Holder

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What you’ll need to make this Autumn Candle Holder

Hot Glue Gun

Mixed Artificial Leaves

Plain Tray or Board

3 Jars

Thick Red Ribbon

Thin Gold Ribbon


  1.  Firstly, take your hot glue gun, place a small dab on to the back of a leaf roughly 1cm up from the bottom, in the middle. Repeat this step to cover the whole tray until the sides are over flowing.
  2. Secondly, take your jars and place the thick, red ribbon around the glass, securing it with the glue glun.
  3. Take your thin, gold ribbon and wrap it around the glass at the top of the red ribbon, and tie a bow at the side. 
  4. Place some glue on the centre of the back of an artificial leaf, and stick it to the seal of the red ribbon.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you have 3 decorated jars.
  6. Finally, stick the jars on top of the tray of leaves to complete. 

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