Family Movie Night Grazing Platter


Family Movie Night Grazing Platter 

Grazing platter full of snacks and treats that the whole family can enjoy! Family movie night would never be the same without it. 

No movie night is complete without snacks, and the beauty of making a family movie night grazing platter, is that you don’t need to cook or bake anything!

So the school holidays have arrived and if you have children I dare say you are in need of things to keep them entertained over the 6 week break. 

Getting your kids to sit quietly and watch a film can seem like an unreachable dream but when you add some treats into the mix you’ve nailed it – 2 hours of bliss!

This family movie night grazing platter turns the evening into a home cinema visit rather than a sit-down-and-be-quiet event. And obviously it’s not just something to enjoy on an evening! 

Lets face it, here in the UK we are not usually blessed with good weather for the whole of the holidays, so no doubt this will be handy for one of those rainy days!

That’s why I’ve simply used things that are already in my cupboards – plus popcorn. You know there is going to be a film watched at some point, so you might aswell get some in anyway.

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For my family movie night grazing platter, I used:

  • Strawberries
  • popcorn
  • grapes
  • custard creams
  • bourbons
  • marshmallows

However, you can use any snacks you want. I like to mix some fruit with sweets/crisps/biscuits so I don’t feel as guilty about the junk food!

You can use any sized board or tray depending on how many people you’re serving for, but I used a standard sized lap tray like the one linked below:

Here’s how I made my Family Movie Night Grazing Platter

1. The trick is to get a board or a tray and a couple of small, different shaped dishes and places the dishes randomly on the tray.

2. Fill the bowls, some with popcorn, some with other treats, I used marshmallows because they look pretty and don’t really work on the tray on their own.

3. Start at one side of the tray and fill the area with handful sized portions of each treat. Think about where you’re placing them and try and spread the colours out evenly. 

4. When you are halfway through the tray, do the same from the other side so that anyone sat at either end of the tray can still reach a bit of everything.

5. Now choose a movie, get comfy and enjoy!

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