Welcome! I’m Sarah. 

I’m actually a beauty therapist, which is totally irrelevant to anything I want to blog about!

I’m a Mum to an almost-terrible-two year old boy, and a wife of 4 years. 

From being tiny, I’ve always loved baking. I used to stand on a chair to reach up to the worktop and help my mum bake cakes, biscuits, anything really, and it’s kind of stuck!

I worked in catering for about 2 years, and it is just sooo not my thing! I loved the job but that was purely because of the people I worked with and not the actual job! 

I always thought it was a shame really because I love anything to do with basically being a host, so anything from making afternoon tea for visitors to making up a cosy guest room, so it was a shame that I didn’t really enjoy working in that kind of industry! 

After seeing some gorgeous home blogs and baking blogs etc, I thought, that’s it! I’m sure there must be somebody somewhere who wants to know how to do these things for their guests! 

So after being lucky enough to get a new fancy photography camera as a Christmas present from my fabulous husband, I thought let’s give it a go! I have a 1 year old little mischief who takes up a lot of my time along with my job, but it’s actually a hobby I can do around all of this. (Which means I have to be honest… I haven’t done all this work alone! All of my baking has been done under the supervision of my little boy, and he has been a taste tester before he would allow me to post the recipes, so be assured, they taste as good as they look!) 

So if you’re looking for any ideas for  the family, or having guests over, have a look on my blog and see if there’s anything I can help with! If you can’t see it, contact me and I will do my best to come up with some good ideas for you!

Thanks for reading! X