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AD – Guest Post

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past two years, it’s how much to cherish gatherings and time with loved ones. Whether you’re only celebrating with a few or can see many, this holiday season is going to be extra special – and the pressure is on to make any opportunity to gather one to remember.

We can’t always be the top chef and Pinterest-inspired hosts of our dreams, but we can make it seem that way with an impressive, festive and easy to assemble cheese board that will be the centre of any celebration or gathering.

Not only does this take minutes, but you can pick and choose different things based on your preferences: make it vegetarian, vegan, add more meat, add chocolate, it’s all up to you and your creativity! What better way to spice it up than to add a spicy kick. The bold flavours in Frank’s RedHot® gives the mix a nice warmth and flavour – a little goes a long way and can even be enjoyed by those sensitive to hot sauce.

Try your hand at spicing up a classic holiday recipe and join the club! Hot Sauce Club was born out of a love for flavour and heat by a team passionate about connecting a community of like-minded hot sauce lovers. Share your hot sauce recipe and tag @hot.sauce.club.


A range of your favourite cheeses! Ensure your cheeseboard has a mixture of textures, I used:
Goats Cheese
Blue Cheese
Wensleydale with Cranberries
Mature Cheddar
A selection of crackers
Condiments and chutneys. It goes without saying that condiments should complement the cheese
Frank’s RedHot® Fire Roasted Jalapeno
Frank’s RedHot® Smoked Chipotle
Chilli chutney
Garnishes; again, these can be whatever your favourites are but some ideas are:
Sundried tomatoes
Silverskin onions


Now it’s time to get creative and assemble your cheeseboard. I’d advise to start with the cheeses and then build up around these, adding a mixture of the other ingredients, equally spread around the board so there’s a good range of each element everywhere, so people can easily reach a little bit of everything.

Include sauces in small bowls throughout or dress certain cheeses with the sauce to create new flavours! Frank’s RedHot® pairs wonderfully with any soft cheese.

You can also add some herbs or even Christmas decorations to make the board more festive!


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