Awfully Posh Lomo Crisps Gifted Review


Delicious crisps made with 100% Spanish pork & cured with garlic and Paprika. The perfect weekend snack by Awfully Posh.

*AD – Products in this post have been gifted to me, but all views are my own.

When Awfully Posh got in touch and asked if I’d like to try their new lomo crisps, there’s no way I could have said no!

As much as you’ll mostly see sweet food on my blog, it’s actually savoury snacks that are my go to treat on a weekend. 

I was expecting to receive some crisps that are just bacon flavoured. I won’t lie, I would have been over the moon with something like that, but I was even more delighted to find out that these are actually proper pork crisps! As in actual pieces of pork loin! Can you believe it? Genius!

I will be honest, when I opened the bag, I thought they wouldn’t be very nice. They don’t exactly look the most appealing compared to other crisps. However, it’s a good job these were sent to me to try, as it turns out they taste fab! I don’t think I’d have tried them normally, but it just shows, you shouldn’t judge something before you try it yourself! It was a very welcome surprise to find out that they are actually very tasty!

So what exactly are these Lomo Crisps?

Made from 100% Spanish pork, these lomo crisps are the perfect weekend snack. They take the finest Spanish Pork Loins and cure them with paprika and garlic (which I love!). Then, they’re sliced and air dried, so they’re not even fried – bonus! They’re even gluten free, what’s not to like?!

They taste delicious, and are super crispy! 

However, I do have one criticism about these Awfully Posh Lomo Crisps. They are not husband-proof! I am having to eat them quickly before my man demolishes them all. His go-to snack bowl is usually filled with dry roasted peanuts, but it looks as though he has now been converted. Annoying, as it means I have to share, but what can you do?! 

I’ve only ever known snacks like these to be sold in pubs, so I’m thrilled that The British Snack Co. are now selling these new lomo crisps at their website here

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