Autumn Spice Candle Making Tutorial


Bring the gorgeous smell of Autumn to your home with this soy wax candle, scented with a blend of cinnamon, ginger and orange essential oils.

You only have to read the name of my blog to know that I’m a candle freak. A Cosy Homebird cannot have a cosy home without having candles, so as you can guess, my house is full of them! 

I have said in a previous post that I made it my mission this year to learn how to make candles, and make my own for Autumn. In fact, it’s even listed on my Autumn Bucket List 2020 which you can read here.

I have to admit, my first attempt lured me into a false sense of security, and made me believe I was a natural at candle making, and that there’s nothing to it! It was burning away nicely, smelling lovely and looking pretty. Unfortunately, after about an hour or so of burning, it burnt out and only a small amount of wax around the wick melted forming a well. 

Thankfully I’ve since realised that the reason for this, was that the wick I used was too small for the wax! You can learn from my mistake before you’ve even started and use this online wick calculator to work out what size wick you will need for your candle. 

Now that I’ve actually worked out how to successfully make a candle, I am so excited to make other ones for the different seasons! So much so, that I’ve already purchased more essential oil blends so that they’re ready to go! 

Here’s how I made my Autumn Spice Candle

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What you’ll need to make this Autumn Spice Candle




Soy Wax Flakes

Wax Crayons

Autumn Spice Essential Oil

Candle Wicks

(See wick calculator)


Double Boiler



  1.  Firstly, take the jar you are using for the candle, and fill it up twice with the soy wax flakes. pour both loads into a double boiler.
  2. Secondly, melt the soy wax flakes over a medium heat with 3 orange wax crayons.
  3. While the wax is melting, stick down the metal end of the candle wick to the centre of the bottom of the jar. 
  4. To keep the wick in place, you can hold it there with a peg and laying it across the top of the glass, or take two wooden skewers or sticks, place them side by side, sticking the ends together and laying them on the top of the glass with the wick running straight up through the middle.
  5. Add 40 drops of Autumn Spice essential oils to the melted wax and mix (Or around 10% of the amount of liquid wax depending on the size of the candle you’re making).
  6. Check the temperature and ensure the wax is heated to 180 degrees. 
  7. Now take the jar again and place it in some water that has been boiled from the kettle to heat it up ready to take the wax.
  8. Remove the wax from the heat and leave to cool until between 120 and 140 degrees (pouring temperature).
  9. Finally, once the wax has reached pouring temperature, pour it into the jar and leave to the side to set to a solid. 

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