How To Set Up a Cosy Guest Bedroom


Everything you need to know about creating a cosy guest bedroom to make your guests feel truly welcome!

As we’re approaching Christmas (yes, before anyone starts, Christmas is shortly after September believe-it-or-not! Those of you who say it’s too early, just think… it only seems like two minutes since you said the same thing this time last year!), it got me thinking about all of our visits to family, and all of the ones who will be staying with us. So, we’ve planned to have a few nights at my parents between Christmas and new year, but for Christmas itself, we’ll be spending it at home as a family. We’re only having one or two guests, and I’m all over the planning this year.

(Yes, already!)

One of the best ways to make your guests feel really welcome, is by putting extra effort into the room they’re staying in. The difference between setting up a bedroom with everything they need for a comfortable stay and just throwing them a blanket and a cushion for the sofa is HUGE. By offering them their own room with all the essentials and a few thoughtful extras, you’re telling them you’re really happy to have them and hope they enjoy every minute of their stay! (On the other hand, if you have uninvited guests, maybe the second one would be more appropriate!)

I’ve put together a list of essential items for the perfect, cosy guest bedroom, with a few additional items which will make your visitors feel really special (and think you are a top host!). Getting organised early will leave you more time over the festive period to enjoy it for yourself! 

Here’s how to set up a cosy guest bedroom

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Clean the Room

First things first, this one goes without saying, nobody should be expected to stay in a guest bedroom that isn’t clean! Sometimes we underestimate how long a good clean can take, so start off by giving the spare bedroom a deep clean a month or so before and then write yourself a check list of what needs cleaning to add into your Christmas week/fortnight schedule, for example:

  • Dust window sills, skirting boards and furniture.
  • Hoover the Carpet.
  • Wash, dry and iron the bedding.
  • Make sure windows and mirrors are clean and smear free.
  • Make sure there is no clutter anywhere.

Use a fresh and clean smelling fabric and air freshener (be mindful of those with allergies or asthma).

This Dettol all in one disinfectant spray is one of my favourite sprays to use in a bedroom for making the room smell clean and fresh!


And why not pop a tumble dryer sheet inside the pillow cases for extra freshness! 

Set the Bedding

 The bed is pretty much the first thing you notice when you walk into a bedroom. If it’s dressed correctly and looks clean and comfy, it looks more welcoming, and sets your guests up for a good nights sleep as soon as they walk in the room!


Most people I have spoken to get irritated by lots of cushions, so no need to go overboard with the soft furnishings, simple is fine! I like to stick to a bed sheet, a duvet and cover, 2 pillows per person (4 pillows for a double bed),  and decorated with 2 cushions and a throw at the bottom of the bed. The more different layers and scatter cushions, the more inconvenient for the person sleeping in it! Too many layers gets confusing, and they don’t know which ones you intend for them to sleep on or under, so keep it simple! They can also spend ages trying to put the bed back to how it was before they leave, and they won’t know where to start!

So the key points are:

  • Get a matching bedding set.
  • A cushion or 2, but not too many.
  • 2 pillows each.
  • Throw or bed runner.
  • Not too many extra layers.
  •  Make sure it’s freshly washed, dried and ironed (consider guests who are sensitive to certain washing powders).

What guests really want, but hosts often forget! 

Unless you’re the guest, it’s hard to imagine exactly what it is that the visitor wants, so here’s a few things that people want but that hosts often don’t think of: 

  • Somewhere to plug in their phone charger (where they don’t have to move furniture to find it.)
  • Mirror (they should be able to have the privacy of getting rid of bed hair or putting their face on in their own room, rather than bathroom hogging or using a hallway mirror.)
  • Lamp (remember, they’re in a room that they’re not used to, they shouldn’t have to turn the light off and find the bed in the dark. A bedside lamp would be ideal.)
  • Their own towels (Nobody wants to roll out of bed on a morning, go to the bathroom for a wash and realise there’s no towel to be seen. They also don’t want to have to come and ask you for one! Place a bath towel/bath sheet and a hand towel in their room so they don’t end up in this situation. If their staying a while, replace them with clean ones as the days go on.)
  • Wifi Password (I don’t know many people who come over and don’t ask for the WiFi code! A really good way is to print it out on a piece of paper and frame it, or you can leave a note on the bedside table. Either way, it will save them having to ask you for it!)
  • Somewhere to hang their clothes (Guests will often bring smart clothes, and they don’t want to leave them sat in a bag or case to get creased. If you don’t want to shell out for a wardrobe or don’t have the space in the room, just a simple, door hanger will suffice! Like this one from Amazon:


Thoughtful Guest Bedroom Touches

So, now that the basics are covered, you can add some thoughtful touches to take your hosting skills up a notch! Guests don’t generally notice the essentials unless they’re not there! 

They are more impressed by these finishing touches:

  • Water (People wake up thirsty and the last thing they want to do is get up in the night to get themselves a drink. Before they go to bed, pop a water jug with ice and a glass each in their room. It solves night time thirst and it looks cute too.)
  • Biscuits (Is it just me who has to tell my friends and family about the biscuits that were in my hotel room when I went away? These are handy for those times when your guests might need a little snack between meals but are too polite (or shy) to ask, they don’t want to offend you. Being underfed at someone’s house is a nightmare, and everybody’s appetites are different, so give them a little snack to keep them going!)
  •  Coffee Tray (This is a little bit of luxury in a guest room, as most just go downstairs for their morning brew, but I can’t be the only one who needs a good dose of caffeine before even having a conversation in the morning! If you give them the facilities to make their own brew in their bedroom while getting ready, you will probably get everyone’s morning off to the best start!)
  • Fresh Flowers (Not only do flowers make a room look pretty, they also make it smell nice, and give an even fresher, cleaner feel to the place! Who doesn’t love flowers?)


One last thing…

Make Sure the Guest Bedroom Door Closes Properly

There is nothing worse than staying over at someone’s house and realising that you can’t shut the door properly or it keeps coming open during the night! Understand that your guests need privacy, and if you have a problem with your door, get it fixed before they’re due to visit.

Now that you are fully equipped with all the info you need to know about making a cosy guest bedroom, invites can be given out. 

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  1. These are great ideas. I haven’t had guests stay for a while, but I have been a guest recently, and I completely agree about bedding and towels! Too many cushions is confusing! I don’t like it when hotels place loads on the bed either.

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