The Ultimate Christmas Planning Guide


The Ultimate Christmas Planning Guide

A Christmas Planning Checklist giving you all you need to organise a perfect and stress-free Christmas for the family

For me, Christmas is the absolute BEST time of year! I love it. Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day! 

Or so I think… but really the reality of Christmas every day would be awful! There is sooo much to organise, and if you don’t make a plan early, it can really take away the festive fun! 

That’s why I’ve put together this Christmas Planning Guide for you to make the festive season flow as smoothly as possible!

Maybe I’m a really organised person, or maybe I just needed an excuse to talk about CHRISTMAS in September, because I’m an obsessive Christmas freak… who knows! Either way…

Here’s my 3 Month Christmas Planning Guide

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And by the way, how cute are these Christmas organisers?!


3 Months Before

  • Start Christmas gift shopping, write a present & Christmas card list 
  • Look through the freezer and use up anything that needs using up
  • Send out invites to guests 
  • Plan table decorations and purchase what you need
  • Book any hair/beauty appointments for Christmas week and Christmas parties
  • Sort through the kids old toys with them to make room for new ones
  • Clear cupboard space to hide presents
  • Find out when the local Christmas Fayres are on and write them in your diary
  • Buy Christmas cards, wrapping paper and cellotape

1 Month Before

  • Make plans to visit the people you aren’t spending Christmas Day with and deliver presents
  • Book your food shopping delivery slot if you’re getting it delivered
  • Write and post Christmas cards
  • Put up the Christmas decorations
  • Sort through the fridge, throw out anything that’s no good and make room for the Christmas food shop
  • Do the same with the kitchen cupboards
  • start stocking up on non perishables like tins of chocolate, alcohol, (you know, the essentials) etc.
  • Give the house a Deep clean
  • Wrap any presents that you get as you go along
  • Put together the kids Christmas Eve boxes

2 Weeks Before

  • Wash the spare bedding 
  • Set up the guest bedroom (Click here to read how to set up a cosy guest bedroom)
  • Clean all the rooms
  • Wash and iron the tablecloth

1 Week Before to Christmas Eve

  • Freshen up the rooms before guests arrive
  • Buy fresh flowers and put them in the guest room 
  • Stock up bathrooms with toiletries etc
  • Put fresh towels in the bathroom 
  • Do the Christmas food shop or get shopping delivered
  • Bake any homemade treats like Christmas cupcakes that you plan to make
  • Check when you need to defrost any frozen food
  • Lay the table for dinner if your using a room that you don’t usually use

Christmas Eve Day

  • Cook the Turkey
  • Make the Dessert (Click here to see what I made last Christmas for dessert)
  • Reward yourself with a drink, you’ve made it this far
  • Get the elves to deliver Christmas Eve boxes and get the kids in PJs early with hot chocolate and a Christmas movie 
  • Put out treats for Santa and Rudolf (This ones mega important)

Christmas Eve Night (when the kids and guests go to bed)

  • Lay the Table if you haven’t done it earlier 
  • Put the presents out for the kids 
  • Congratulate yourself for making it through the Christmas run up. You can’t do any more! 

Leave a comment if there’s anything you’d add that isn’t on here! It’s great to bounce ideas around. Let’s all help each other have the BEST Christmas!

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