Strawberry and Mint Ice Lollies


Strawberry and Mint Ice Lollies

Homemade, refreshing ice lollies made with only 3 ingredients. All you need is strawberry flavoured still water, chopped strawberries and fresh mint leaves.

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During summer, ice lollies are an essential, but unfortunately, not always the greatest when it comes to healthy eating!

thats why I’ve put together this super easy, 3 ingredient ice lolly recipe to make your very own, healthy but tasty ice lollies!

They literally take only 1 minute to prepare, but need around 6+ hours to freeze, so I usually make a batch in the evening and they are ready for the next day. However, you will need to purchase yourself one of these ice lolly moulds that I have linked below:

Once you own one of these, you’re ready to make your first batch! So…

Here’s how I made my Strawberry and Mint Ice Lollies

Ingredients (makes 6)

  • Strawberry flavoured water – still (I use Tesco’s)
  • 6 Chopped Strawberries
  • fresh mint leaves 


1. Firstly, don’t forget to clean your ice lolly mould before use.

2. Secondly, chop 4-6 strawberries into small pieces of around half a centimetre thickness.

3. Place 2 or 3 strawberry pieces in each ice lolly mould followed by a small mint leaf.

4. Pour the strawberry flavoured water in the moulds until the strawberries and mint are covered.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until each mould is full. 

6. Place the sticks in and close off the moulds before placing in the freezer for 6+ hours or overnight.

Tip – When you’re ready to serve them, I recommend standing the tray in some room temperature water for around a minute or so as it makes it a little easier to remove the ice from the mould.

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Why not try…

…applying the same method to an ice cube tray. This makes tasty strawberry and mint flavoured ice cubes which are a perfect refreshing addition to a cold glass of water!


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