Lotus Biscoff Cupcakes Recipe


Seeing as though my lotus biscoff cheesecake (click here for the recipe) was such a success, I thought my readers might appreciate these lotus biscoff cupcakes! 

Biscoffs have got to be my absolute favourite biscuit these days, which is strange really, because I’ve generally been pretty underwhelmed by caramel through the years. 

To be fair, since having so much fun blogging about my bakes, I’ve discovered I love lots of different types of food that Ive missed out on over the last twenty-odd years of my life because I used to just always make chocolate things! (Not that there’s anything wrong with chocolate…)

Anyway, my little family and I have just had the best week away at Butlins in Skegness! 

How is that relevant?

well, I’ll tell you.

We stayed in a new style silver apartment which has a fully equipped kitchen. Now, although I’d probably have been quite happy baking cakes on holiday, that’s not really what I went for! (Yes that’s right, I did in fact go for the tots disco, the fairground, splashworld, and the arcades!)

Ok, ok. I’m getting to the point!

I wanted to bake something to take with us. Cupcakes seemed to be the easiest thing to transport, quick to make, and SO TASTY.

So there we go, I don’t need any pursuading. My arm was officially twisted… by me. Easy-peezy, lotus biscoff cupcakes it was to be! 

And they were just gorgeous! However, They didn’t last long. I’ve never eaten a cupcake that actually tasted of caramel throughout, both cake and icing! Just perfect! Such an accurate representation of the lotus biscoffs.

One thing I do want to say before you go on, is if you’re going to make them, I’d recommend either only making as much as you’re going to eat in that first 2 days after baking, or wait until you’re about to serve them/eat them before putting the biscuit on top, as the icing can make the biscuit go a bit soggy. The crumb sprinkles are fine, just the whole biscuit. 

How I made my lotus biscoff cupcakes

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Ingredients (makes 12 lotus biscoff cupcakes)


  • 5 oz stork 
  • 5 oz brown sugar
  • 5oz Self raising flour
  • 3 eggs


  • 14 oz icing sugar 
  • 7 oz butter
  • Tesco finest salted caramel 
  • 1 pack lotus biscoffs


What you’ll need to make these Lotus Biscoff Cupcakes


12 Bun cases

Bun Tin

Mixing Bowl

Electric Whisk

Piping Bag

Large Drop Flower Nozzle


Tip – cupcakes turn out best if the mixture goes in the oven as soon as it’s mixed, so it helps to have everything ready. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees and place 12 bun cases in a bun tin and leave on the side ready to be filled with the mixture.

1. Place stork and sugar in a mixing bowl and beat with electric whisk or in food processor until light and fluffy.

Tip – only mix each item in for as long as you need too, being careful not to over beat your mixture. 

2. Add eggs and continue to mix. 

3. Add flour and continue to mix.

4. Spoon the mixture evenly into the bun cases, and place the tin on the middle shell of the oven.
5. Bake for approximately 20 minutes or until golden brown and risen.

Tip – Avoid opening the oven door until they are ready to take out. Check through the glass window In the oven. 

Tip – when you think they are ready, you can open the oven door and press on the middle of the top of the cupcakes with your finger. If it leaves a dent in the cake, you must shut the door again, being careful not to bang it (as this can cause the cupcake to sink), and bake for longer. If it springs back up then the cupcakes are ready to be taken out of the oven. 

6. When they are ready, remove the tin from the oven, and immediately remove each cupcake from the tin, placing them on a wire cooling rack.

7. Leave to cool completely before decorating.


1. Beat icing sugar and butter in a mixing bowl until it is completely mixed together and forming a smooth paste.

2. Next, add 2 tablespoons of Tesco’s finest salted caramel and whisk to combine. 

3. Once you’re happy with your icing, Tear off a large square of cling film and place flat on the worktop. Add your mixture to the centre and roll it up in the cling film. This will leave you with a tube-like roll of icing with a hole at either end. At one end, tightly twist the cling film to close the hole, twisting up to as far as meets the icing. At the other end, Loosely twist the cling film. 

4. Loose end first, place the cling film icing roll into a piping bag with a drop flower nozzle.

I prefer a larger nozzle for this particular swirl so I used the JEM no1 B drop flower nozzle, and the mason cash 45cm piping bag which I have linked in the ‘What you’ll need’ section above. 

5. From the top of the piping bag, squeeze the icing down towards the nozzle. Test on a piece of greaseproof paper.

6. Applying pressure downwards on the piping bag, ice the cupcake from the outside in, using 3 circular motions until it all meets in the middle.

7. When you have completed your icing swirl, stop applying pressure and drop it down before lifting away.

8. Microwave the salted caramel for 20 seconds or until it becomes a liquid. Then, use a spoon to drizzle the caramel over too of the icing. 

Tip – For these lotus biscoff cupcakes, you don’t need to be tidy. Messy caramel is good!

9. Put 6 lotus biscoffs in a dish and crush with a rolling pin until you have fine crumbs.

10. Sprinkle the biscoff crumbs over the top of the icing before completing by placing a whole biscoff on top as pictured.

11. Post to Instagram linking me or using #thecosyhomebird so I can see your fabulous creations! 


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    1. Hi Tracie! Stork is a brand of margarine, y out can use either butter or margarine for this recipe 😊

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