Mini Egg Cheesecake Recipe


Mini Egg Cheesecake – A perfect Easter dessert

A vanilla cheesecake with buttery biscuit base, filled with crushed mini eggs and topped with whole mini eggs and a chocolate drizzle. A beautiful combination of cream and chocolate. 


I’ve just come back from spending the weekend at my Mum’s house with my husband and my son. My Mum is recovering from a hysterectomy so we went to visit, help out and give my stepdad a break from the housework. 

I cooked a roast dinner on Sunday and it wouldn’t be right to have a Sunday lunch without a dessert of some sort. If you’re gonna do it you’ve gotta do it properly! 

So, most of you know how I feel about getting to know your oven when you’re a baker! That is a particularly important part of getting baking right! It’s about getting to know your timings and your temperatures, I find it’s different in every oven I use. 

It’s ok when you’re cooking meals because you can keep opening the door and checking on it, but if you’re baking a cake and you open the door too early, you’ve ruined it!

My mum and stepdad have recently had a new kitchen fitted, and I hadn’t used their oven until this weekend. To be honest, I couldn’t really be bothered with having to either serve a bad dessert (definitely not an option) or redoing it if it didn’t come out right. I had enough to do so I wanted to be sure it was going to be spot on the first time! 

Thats why I thought the best trick was to make a no-bake dessert! Last time I was there, I made my lotus biscoff cheesecake (recipe here) and it went down a treat, so I knew they’d be happy with another cheesecake.

With Easter being only a week away, I thought I’d take advantage of the fact that shops are still full of mini eggs!

YAY! Let’s make the most of it!

I thought about making it a chocolate cheesecake, but I’m a huge lover of mini egg chocolate, and I didn’t want the chocolate of the cheesecake to take it away from the mini eggs so that’s why I’ve gone for a simple vanilla version.

(That’s not to say that I won’t come back with a chocolate one in the future just to compare!)

But I’m so glad I did it this way. The taste of cheesecake and mini egg together is one that really needs shouting about, and has got to be tried!

If you make it yourself, let me know in the comments if you agree!

Here’s how I made this gorgeous mini egg cheesecake

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Ingredients (serves 12 people)

  • 160g or 3 small bags mini eggs
  • 150g icing sugar 
  • 400g cream cheese
  • 400g digestive biscuits
  • 200g butter
  • 500ml double cream 
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Tesco Belgian chocolate sauce

What you’ll need to make this Mini Egg Cheesecake


springform tin

Kenwood electric hand whisk

kenwood food processor

mixing bowl


Rolling pin




1. Finely crush the biscuits in a food processor or with a rolling pin. 

Tip – food processor is so much quicker and takes a lot less effort if you have one.

2. Slowly melt the butter in a saucepan over a low heat on the hob, pour into the crushed biscuits and stir.

3. Place the buttery biscuit mix into a springform tin an press firmly and evenly into the base.

4. Place the tin in the fridge while you complete the next steps.

5. Pour 300ml double cream into a mixing bowl and beat with an electric hand whisk until stiff peaks form. 

Tip – can you turn the bowl upside down without the cream falling out? If no, beat for longer, if yes, that enough!

6. Add the cream cheese to the whipped cream and mix in with the electric hand whisk. 

7. Add icing sugar and vanilla extract and mix in.

8. Take out 8 – 12 mini eggs (depending on how many servings you want to get out of your cheesecake) and keep to one side for decoration. Crush all the rest with a rolling pin. 

Tip – they only need to be broken into halves/quarters, no need to finely crush them.

9. Fold the crushed mini eggs into your mixture.

10. Take the tin out of the fridge an place the mixture on top of the biscuit base, smoothing out evenly on the top.

11. Cover the tin with cling film and refrigerate for 4+ hours or overnight.

Tip – I usually make my cheesecake the day before I will be serving it and leave it to set in the fridge overnight.

12. When you’re ready to serve your cheesecake, remove the outer layer of the springform tin by carefully opening the buckle at the side. 

13. Cut into desired amount of pieces. I like to cut big slices so I usually cut my cheesecake into 8 pieces by cutting in half from top to bottom, then again  from side to side, and again diagonally from both sides. For me, this is the easiest way to get an even cut. 

13. Whip the rest of double cream until stiff peaks form and place in a piping bag with a large drop flower nozzle. 

Tip – An open star nozzle would also be suitable.

14. Place your Belgian chocolate sauce in the microwave for 15 seconds and drizzle from side to side over the slice. 

15.  Finally, pipe a swirl on the large end of the cheesecake and complete by placing a mini egg on the top.

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